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Updated: Jan 20, 2022

An Off-Site COVID-19 Testing Center (OSCTC) is a non-traditional, non-medical site for COVID-19 testing.

Since March 2020, over twenty-five thousand testing sites have been set up in the United States. The performance of at least 30 million tests per week nationwide has been facilitated by an industrious and innovative deployment of rapid, flexible, and modular OSCTCs in a range of contexts.

Human Embrace has multiple campaigns in Collin County focusing on providing services beyond COVID-19 testing, including food distribution, Post Covid- 19 Mindfulness and anxiety courses.

More than ever before, we are all attuned to how the design of built spaces affect our health, safety, and morale, as well as the effective delivery of care. The pandemic has highlighted the cracks in our health systems, however, it has also created opportunities to innovate and to develop new typologies of spaces - like OSCTCs that are scrappy, nimble, and resilient as we continue to plan for COVID-19 era and beyond

Drive Through Testing- No appointment Necessary

4 Easy Steps

* Scan QR code at our POP LOCATION

* Register your information

* Specimen collected

* Results emailed within 24 hours

Testing Locations:

DFW Locations Plano, Frisco, Richardson

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